Saving money while caravanning

Money Savers

The following tips have been collected from many disparate sources (too many to attribute).  The best source of tips along the way are other travellers!


  • Join as a member of the big caravan park chains.  They offer discounts
  • Book well in advance. Not only will this ensure you secure a place before the crowds rush in, but you will also probably be able to find a much cheaper deal.
  • Free camp where its available (if you have the setup)


  • Drive at 85-90kph.  The fuel savings are significant and you can enjoy the view.
  • Aerodynamics plays an important role in the amount of additional fuel used to tow a caravan
  • Additional weight does not cause proportional increases in fuel consumption, and does not affect the overall resistance caused by the van as much as its aerodynamics
  • An important part of making each drop count is keeping the engine in good health.
  • Correct tyre pressure saves fuel (can have a BIG impact).
  • Preventative maintenance saves money (fix it BEFORE you leave)
  • Spare parts can be worth their weight in gold (but be selective)
  • Do your own oil changes (learn how - it's easy)


  • Wraps, mountain bread and similar have a long shelf life until opened.
  • UHT milk can provide 'fresh' milk away from towns
  • Powdered milk has the same nutitional value and keeps well
  • Make your own damper when bread prices get too high
  • Use 'eat out' as a treat and do your own cooking most of the time
  • Make sandwiches and a thermos for lunch whilst travelling instead of buying takeaways


  • Be friendly! Talk to the locals, talk to fellow travellers, converse and learn.
  • Look for free or cheap tourist activities and do them before the paid activities
  • Look for work along the way, it's normally available.  If not you can always move on.
  • Only take items you need (if you forget something it's likely to be small so buy another one).
  • An external hard disk drive can store lots of movies (saving space)
  • Go to a Chinese restaurant during the day and grab a couple of their lunch specials to have for dinner. Usually the lunch special will consist of fried rice and a main meal and is more than enough for one person.
  • Buy big white buckets with SEALING LIDS. Put in your washing, washing liquid (better than powder) and some water, seal and drive to your next destination. Rinse and hang out.  Cheap, effective.
  • Look after what you have. It will cost you more in the long run if you don't (in both time and money).
  • Buy quality up front for items that are supposed to last.  The extra few cents are worth it.

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